The Fallen Bastion

The Fallen Bastion is a group of adventurers, originally formed by Fi, Allun, Orsha, Deven, and an elf no one remembers the name of. The groups first contract was to clear out a bandit keep lead by the man Jac Rakkan. During the approach, the party fought upon the outer keep walls. Before they could storm the keep, the elf received a message, prompting him to return to his homelands. Shortly thereafter, an Eladrin named Aron joined the party, assisting in their clearing of the keep. After Jac was captured and returned however, he left.

During the off time after their mission, they were joined by an avenger, Grant. Grant was with the party for a long while, before he decided to take his leave for meditation, shortly after the encounter with Sirenfal, The Eradicator

The party recently journeyed into the old Mage Tower and learned quite a bit. However, Allun disappeared during this time.

The party has recruited some part time aid, in the form of Brom and Ervina to help them on missions and look after their airship.

The Fallen Bastion

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