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Matruad – The Shattered World

Matruad isn’t called the shattered world for no reason, in the distant, ancient, forgotten past, the world was one solid landmass. It was advanced, magic was in almost some ways mundane, used to improve the life of everyone. However, such rampart magic started to tear at the worlds fabric, it’s foundation. An old forgotten prophecy had once said the world would become shattered, though no one believe it for the destined date had gone by. Except that it hadn’t, they had read it wrong.

The great mages felt this sundering happen, this cataclysm that was ripping the world apart. So they tried to save what they could, casting huge rituals in conjunction with dozens of other mages, they attempted to save the land by raising it to the skis, severing it from the raging seas and cracking earth. Some succeeded, some failed. The luckiest managed to survive and keep entire countries safe with their magics. Some perished while saving the world.

In almost all cases, magical research took a setback, and the world became more mundane as the focus shifted from improving some things towards survival. Some places didn’t face the setback, like the island of Sera. Others, however, like Losog lost almost all magical influence, the old Mage Tower being the only sign magic once existed.

Other Information

The Fallen Bastion is an adventuring party that formed on Losog.

Main Page

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